What is paint correction / restoration?

It is the process of truly removing scratches, swirl marks, etching (bird, acid rain and bug marks) and oxidation. By using the term “truly removing” what we mean is that we do not use polishes or compounds that are specifically designed to fill surface defects temporarily. Many shops use those types of products because they can meet their allotted time per car all while meeting a price point. This is why so many will get a “full detail and buff” and 2 washes later the paint looks exactly the same as it did prior to their “full detail and buff”. Whether we get satisfactory results with a light polish, medium cut polish, compound or wet sanding, our goal is to get lasting results. We do not fill surface defects, but we actually level the flaws with micro-abrasive polishes and clean using quality pads. As long as the surface is kept clean the right way, it will stay looking great for a very long time.

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